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I teamed up with a few friends in the industry to give back to the sports content community. We all started around the same time at the University of Nebraska, and have since taken different paths in our careers. We'll lean on each others insight and perspectives as we discuss topics around the industry and bring in guests. 

As former students at HuskerVision, we talk about how we've grown and evolved in our career paths that have brought us to where we are today. 






We have the energetic and supremely talented @Karina Anglada (Golden State Warriors) on the mic to take us into the mind of a creative editor. Karina has spent time in college and pro sports starting at Illinois before going to the Pistons, on to Auburn, and now with the Warriors, where she proudly talks about her two rings (yeah, I'm jealous!).

We explore mistakes and challenges she's faced along the way, how to go about finding a way to push yourself, using games to help in editing process, and a unique way of finding and using inspiration in her work. 

Producer is used in many titles in the industry. It can be confusing. We're lucky to have Garrett detail the work he does as a specialized feature producer at the Big Ten Network on "The Journey." The Journey has become an industry standard of storytelling and is often imitated.

What does it take to turn around a long-form piece? We dive into the details and process of how Garrett thinks about his story, how to adjust on the fly, and why you need to stop looking at your notes during an interview.

Producer is used in many titles in the industry. It can be confusing. After detailing what the feature side of producing looks like in episode 3, Brock details his career on the live side of the industry from producing and directing videoboards at Nebraska to nationally televised sporting events.


Chris is the Sr. Director of Ballpark Entertainment with the Texas Rangers and responsible for managing TXR Productions which handles audio and visual work for different departments within the Rangers organization including Rangers Game Entertainment, Rangers Events, the Rangers Foundation, Baseball Operations, Social Media, and more. This is his 7th season with the Rangers and 20th overall in Major League baseball, having spent 13 years with the Kansas City Royals previously.

We get discuss IDEA and the changes made to this year's plan, the new ballpark build, and what that entailed, and how he goes about his day-to-day as a manager.

Staying curious in a social media world is the focus on today's podcast.

Kelly Mosier, Director of Hudl Studios talks about his journey from production to digital and social and how he stays up to date with technology in this ever changing industry. We get into how he has created opportunities for his career by staying curious and ahead of the curve. We also get into measures he believes are necessary to staying young while advancing in the production industry.

We regularly field application questions, so we're dedicating this episode to sharing our perspectives on what we look for during that process. No application process is the same, so keep after it, and remain persistent in your pursuit if you want a job in sports!

Jeff Volk is the Vice President of Alpha Video as well as their Director of Sports & Entertainment. In his role at Alpha Video, Jeff specializes in video integration for the production, presentation, and IPTV technology needs of sports venues.

We talk about Alpha Video's role in the unique 2020 NFL Draft broadcast, the future of sports venue technology, and how learning the engineering behind the scenes may be the best way to break into the industry in the future.

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