Maine Goes Green Rebrand

  • Task: Create graphic announcing the Celtics G-League affiliate rebrand from Maine Red Claws to Maine Celtics
  • Parameters: Highlight new logo replacing old logo and play up the Maine community

This graphic was intended to be showcased on monitors during an event announcing the teams rebrand from Maine Red Claws to Maine Celtics. It accompanied a video asset from a similar brief. They wanted all of Maine to feel part of the rebrand. For the video, the team traveled around the state to capture the beautiful scenics from different cities.

Branding on courts have become a statement for teams, so that was my inspiration. Since the goal was to focus on the scenics in Maine, the graphic is intended to be an outdoor court that anyone could play on, and has cement like textures. The sun circling the court reinforces the changing times.

I modeled the court and basketball hoops in Cinema4D and comped the scenic shots of the cities onto the court in After Effects. To tie the concept together I started on the old Red Claws logo and court and transitioned to reveal their new Maine Celtics logo.

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