Broadcast Spot - 2020 Playoffs

  • Task: In-house broadcast spot 
  • Parameters: Use blended live action and motion graphics to create a high energy spot that will appeal to 18-34 year old demo

Starting point: Mood board

Mood Board

What I like was outlined and cut out shapes, found textures from walking around the city, and bold text call outs. 

Using the mood board, I then moved on to create the boards for the :30 spot.


Broadcast Spot Boards

After board review, I received a request to incorporate up to six players in the boards, so I made that adjustment heading into the animation portion of the execution. When I got into the animatic to lay out timing and pacing, the board order changed to be more in line with the beat and tone of the music.

I built the spot to fit into the motion branding: Celtics 2019-20 Motion Branding

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