Super Bowl Experience Event

  • Task: Create an animated asset for fans walking through a tunnel
  • Parameters: Fans will choose their favorite team to be playing on the wall when they walk through the tunnel. The graphic needs to be square, and must have 33 versions: 32 for all NFL teams, and one for the NFL ALL DAY brand.
  • Credit: Design Director - Brandon Tucs, Design - Chris Stoney

This was a tight turnaround project. We had 4 days to create all the assets.

Stoney built out the look + feel with boards highlighting the brand.

I animated the boards into the final piece, and used one team as the base and created a toolkit from there. Within the toolkit, we could change:

  1. Team name
  2. NFL ALL DAY logos
  3. Team colors 

Here's a look at what the final wall looked like at the experience:

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